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See that your personal successes are measured by the amount of effort you invest in doing them. For your physical competency and effectiveness, that means coaching and training. Your coach shows you how to lead your body into becoming a highly efficient, well-oiled machine that serves you well.

Want to keep enjoying natural wellness in your physical body? Book an appointment with me today. Conquer your physical weakness. You can turn your weaknesses into strengths with the proper training. How do I know this? I’ve already been where you are right now. Together we can be heroes for your body’s natural wellness by conditioning it into Relentless Fitness!

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Client Testimonials

“I am in the best shape of my life, feeling confident and half way to my goal of losing 40 pounds, thanks to Kevin! He is an inspiring, highly skilled trainer who is masterful at individualizing my training to my needs and meeting me where I am at. He also pushed me to be my best self, and is simply a delightful person to be around – he makes it fun!”

Erika V

“Earlier this year I signed up for a mud run at Camp Pendleton. Never done a mud run before so I decided to train with Kevin for a few  months. We did circuit training and weight training. I really enjoyed each session with him. He has a great personality. He’s also a great motivator and encourages. I completed my mud run this past weekend. ” 

Cecilia L

“Kevin has been mine and my husbands personal trainer for almost 2 years. He has now become our family member. He has changed our bodies, our mind set and our health for the better. He is flexible when your schedule changes, he listens to when you have problems, he listens to areas that you really want to target. I am starting to be more proud of my body every day. ” 

Emily D

“Kevin is a fantastic trainer!! His positivity, creativity and knowledge are superb. I used to go to the gym wondering what do I do for strength training. Even though I am motivated I lacked a plan and was never sure if I had proper form when I was doing a specific exercise, or how much weight a machine should be set on. Kevin always has a specific plan for me when I train.

Dawn H